2. According to the nature of the gas

Release time:09-03-2018

2. According to the nature of the gas When selecting a […]

2. According to the nature of the gas
When selecting a dust collector, factors such as air volume, temperature, composition, and humidity must be considered. Electrostatic precipitator is suitable for flue gas purification with high air volume and temperature <400 °C; bag filter is suitable for flue gas purification with temperature <260 °C, not limited by the amount of flue gas. When the temperature is ≥260 °C, flue gas Bag type dust collector should be used after cooling and cooling; bag type dust collector should not be used to treat high humidity and oily flue gas purification; flammable and explosive gas purification (such as gas) is suitable for wet type dust collector; cyclone dust collector processing air volume Limited, when the air volume is large, multiple dust collectors can be used in parallel; when it is necessary to simultaneously remove dust and purify harmful gases, a spray tower and a cyclone water film dust collector can be considered.
3. According to the nature of dust
Dust properties include specific resistance, particle size, true density, scorch, water and hydraulic, flammable, explosive, and the like. The electrostatic precipitator should not be used for dust with excessive or excessive resistance. The bag filter is not affected by the dust specific resistance. The concentration and particle size of the dust have a significant effect on the efficiency of the electrostatic precipitator, but the effect on the bag filter. Not obvious; when the dust concentration of the gas is high, the pre-dusting device should be installed before the electrostatic precipitator; the type of the bag filter, the cleaning method and the filtering wind speed depend on the nature of the dust (particle size, scorch); Dust collectors are not suitable for purifying hydrophobic and hydraulic dust: the true density of dust has a significant impact on gravity dust collectors, inertial precipitators and cyclone dust collectors; for newly attached dust, it is easy to cause the cat's knot in the working face of the precipitator Or blockage, therefore, it is not advisable to use dry dust removal; when the dust is cleaned and it can produce a flammable or explosive mixture, the wet dust collector should not be used.