China uses desulfurization equipment to reduce sulfur dioxide emissions

Release time:01-28-2019

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Desulfurization equipment
Desulfurization equipment generally refers to a series of equipment used in the power industry to remove sulfur from coal and prevent SO2 from being generated during combustion.
Sulfur has a relatively large environmental pollution. The pollution of sulfur oxides and hydrogen sulfide to the atmosphere, and the pollution of water and sulfate by hydrogen sulfate are the focus of current environmental protection work. In the production process of thermal power plants, a large amount of coal is burned, and coal often contains a certain amount of sulfur. After burning, these sulfur elements will release a large amount of SO2. If not treated, it will cause great harm to the environment. Therefore, the current power industry generally uses desulfurization equipment.
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In many cities in China, air pollution of sulfur dioxide is serious, and coal-based energy consumption structure is the most important cause of the serious pollution of sulfur dioxide in China. The thermal power station is the main body of coal consumption, and its sulfur dioxide emissions are close to 50% of the total social emissions. Therefore, the control of coal-fired sulfur dioxide is the focus of China's sulfur dioxide pollution control. China mainly uses desulfurization equipment for desulfurization to reduce sulfur dioxide emissions. During the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, the investment demand for new projects for desulfurization in the power industry was about 60 billion yuan.
According to the total number of sintering machines in China's steel industry today, it is about 1000 units, and only 10%-20% of the desulfurization units have been installed. Of the few in-service desulfurization equipments, about one-third are not normal. Operation, so the state's development of steel sintering machine desulfurization related policies will stimulate the development of steel sintering desulfurization industry, the entire industry investment will reach 16-20 billion yuan.