Release time:11-02-2018

Cyclone After the cyclone dust collector is added with […]

After the cyclone dust collector is added with a bypass, the working principle is that the dust-containing gas enters tangentially from the inlet, and the airflow obtains the rotary motion, and the airflow moves up and down to form a double-coil movement, and the dust is strongly generated at the boundary of the double-coiled worm. The separation effect, the coarser dust particles are separated from the lower vortex flow to the outer wall, and part of the dust is taken out from the middle opening of the bypass separation chamber, and the remaining dust is brought to the ash hopper by the downward flow. The upper vortex flow has agglomerating effect on the fine particle dust, thereby improving the dust removal efficiency. This part of the finer dust particles, from the upper vortex flow belt to the upper part, forms a strongly rotating upper dust ring under the top cover, and enters the upper opening of the bypass separation chamber together with the upper vortex flow, and is introduced into the cone through the return air inlet. Converged with the internal airflow, the purified gas is exhausted by the exhaust pipe, and the separated dust enters the hopper.
After the dust-containing gas enters the equipment from the air inlet at the top of the equipment, it passes through the cyclone at high speed to rotate the dust-containing gas downward along the axis. The centrifugal force is used to remove the dust of the coarse particles, effectively controlling the initial entry of the electric field. Dust concentration. Then, the gas enters the electric field through the lower hopper. Since the cross-sectional area of ​​the lower ash is larger than the inner tube cut-off, according to the principle of the constant rotation moment, the radial wind speed and the axial wind speed are sharply reduced to produce a zero-speed interface and the inner tube is The heavy particle dust settles in the lower ash hopper, which reduces the concentration of dust entering the electric field. The low concentration dust-containing gas is condensed on the anode and cathode plates by electric dust collection, and the dust collected by the ash is whipped. The ash device is transported away. In order to prevent the secondary dust generated in the lower ash after the inner tube cyclone and the electric field plate is vibrated, a spacer cone is provided in the lower ash hopper.
Use a variety of grinding machines in the cement, fertilizer, and other industries, crushing point feeding port, packaging machine and dryer and various similar dispersion sources.