Design scheme of field drawings for dust collector equipment of scrap crusher

Release time:09-06-2019

The working principle of the scrap crushing production […]

The working principle of the scrap crushing production line first transports the raw materials to be processed into the mainframe of the crusher through the feeder on the chain plate. Through the continuous driving of the high-speed and high-torque motor, the hammer on the crusher rotor is wounded and entered. In the cavity of the scrap, under the strong impact, the scrap steel is torn and extruded into a certain size of broken steel ball, and then passed through the vibrating plug, the conveyor belt is transferred to the magnetic drum, and the magnetic drum sorting equipment is processed. High quality broken steel with high purity.
     The scrap steel treated by the crusher has the following characteristics: 1. The material shape is neat and the specifications are similar; 2. The pile weight is higher; 3. The deposit is less; 4. The purity is higher. Using crushed steel for steel smelting, the scrap crusher has the following advantages: 1. High yield; 2. Stable chemical composition of molten steel, low sulfur and phosphorus content; 3. Shortening of smelting cycle; 4. Extended life of lining in furnace 5, air pollution and slag reduction; 6, the electricity consumption per ton of molten steel is reduced. For the scrap recycling enterprise, the advantages of using scraper for scrap steel processing and recycling are as follows: 1. Expanding the scope of processing and recycling; 2. High value space; 3. Convenient and efficient transportation. Objects that are not magnetic are transported to a designated location along with the conveyor belt under the magnetic cylinder. The equipment will produce certain dust and other harmful gases in the production process. The pulse bag filter equipment produced by our company can effectively collect these gases and dusts uniformly, which is more suitable for national environmental protection requirements.
     The scrap crusher bag filter has the following characteristics:
     1. It can realize off-line cleaning: sub-chamber structure, each room is equipped with poppet valve and pulse blowing pipe. When cleaning, first close the poppet valve, block the gas filter pulse bag filter in the room, realize off-line cleaning, avoid The problem of secondary dusting during the cleaning of the online cleaning dust, the dust is re-adsorbed by the bag, and the cleaning efficiency is improved;
     2, the electromagnetic pulse valve usage is small: pulse valve action is frequent, power plant pulse bag filter, belonging to wearing parts, compartment cleaning, only one pulse valve in each room, chemical plant pulse bag filter, each room can be set more Compared with the structure of one pulse valve of each line of the spray pipe type, the number of pulse valves is greatly reduced; the failure rate is reduced, and the reliability of the equipment is improved;
     3, compact structure, flexible application: the dust collector has a small footprint and a large filtration area. The layout of the cloth bag and the opening of the air inlet and outlet can be arranged according to the specific conditions of the site, and can adapt to various site conditions;
     4. The operation is reliable and unattended. The equipment is automatically controlled by the PLC controller, which can work stably and reliably for a long time.
     Process flow of scrap crusher dust collector:
     When the temperature is in the safe range of 100-180 °C, the flue gas will flow out through the cyclone separator, and the large particle dust will be separated and then filtered through the bag. More than 99% of the dust will be trapped in the dust collector and discharged through the ash hopper. The purified gas is discharged from the chimney into the atmosphere by the fan. The low temperature/high temperature protection process: the temperature probe is used to monitor the temperature of the flue gas passing through the dust removal system. Once the temperature is higher than the normal operating value limit of the system design, the temperature is 180 degrees. The PLC will issue an alarm and cause the baghouse to always close the air inlet and outlet valves, open the bypass valve, and the flue gas is directly discharged by the bypass to protect the bag and prolong its service life. After the temperature returns to normal, the bypass valve automatically closes, the pulse bag filter, the bag inlet and outlet valves automatically open, and then work according to the normal process; if the temperature is high, the duty personnel need to stop the fan work to protect the bag and fan. After the maintenance is normal, start the operation again.
     In order to ensure the effective work of the scrap crusher, we must follow the following principles when installing the bag filter:
     1. Pay attention to the collision during the installation of the dust collector, and handle it gently.
     2. When the cyclone dust collector is installed, the asbestos rope must be used between the box body and the ash bucket flange and the inlet and outlet flanges, and bolted tightly to prevent air leakage and affect the dust removal effect.
     3. After putting into normal operation, it is necessary to ash out on time, generally not more than 4h/time, to prevent excessive dust collection in the ash bucket.
     There is a lot of possibility that the dust collector of the scrap crusher can not discharge the ash. First, if it is a newly installed dust collector and ash is discharged on time, the cause of no ash discharge may be caused by the unloading motor or the gearbox causing the jam. If the operation is not smooth, the unloading motor will not work properly, or the problem will occur in the control cabinet, which will cause the motor to fail to work properly. It is necessary to observe which discharge port is not grayed out. 2: If there is no ash discharge for a period of time or a long time without unloading ash, the internal dust accumulation is too much, causing blockage, or the ash discharge caused by internal splicing or design is not smooth, and the ash is blocked, resulting in failure. Unloading ash.
     Technical measures for improvement of scrap crusher equipment for scrap crusher:
     The bag filter at the corner of the crusher and the belt conveyor is updated to a bag filter. According to the characteristics of dust, water and oil repellent filter materials are used. The dust collector is arranged in the open air, and the casing is insulated and waterproofed. In order to ensure the reliable operation of the equipment, the brand and specification models should be paid attention to when purchasing the key components of the bag filter to reduce the failure rate of the equipment. Improve the process layout of the bag filter, arrange the dust collector of the crusher according to the direction of the belt conveyor; transform the standard ash bucket of the bag filter into a double ash bucket structure, thus canceling the screw conveyor and lifting the bag The dust collector is beneficial to the arrangement of the air inlet pipe (the angle of the air duct is large); the air inlet box is arranged at the air inlet, so that the dust of the crusher discharge port directly enters the air inlet box of the dust collector, which saves the elbow and reduces the system. Resistance increases the efficiency of dust collection. The process arrangement gray hopper lock wind adopts a single-layer flap valve, which eliminates the split wheel hopper and its motor, reduces secondary dust and improves dust removal effect. The dust at the corner of the belt conveyor is restricted by the site conditions, and the chute and the dust hood cannot be changed, so that the dust hood is in a state of micro-negative pressure to eliminate the dust of the belt conveyor. According to the service life of the filter material and the pulse valve, it is necessary to take into account the dust in the ash ash, in order to improve the comprehensive dust removal effect of the crusher and the belt machine, when crushing dry materials, it can be broken as needed. Appropriate watering at the entrance of the machine material (requires to strengthen the management of the dust removal equipment in the crusher, regularly check the sealing condition of the dust cover, and find out the problems in time. Implement the target management assessment for the dust discharge of the post environment and the bag filter, and conduct regular inspections. Dust monitoring, using economic leverage to mobilize the enthusiasm of post personnel, improve the maintenance level of dust removal equipment, and greatly reduce dust pollution.