DMC single dust collector as an efficient dust removal device

Release time:07-27-2019

As a kind of high-efficiency dust removal equipment, DM […]

As a kind of high-efficiency dust removal equipment, DMC single-stage dust collector has been widely used in various production stages of cement industry. With the continuous advancement of cement production technology, many production processes can only use bag filter to meet production needs and meet the needs of the country. Emission requirements. Limestone is the main raw material for cement production. After the limestone factory is broken and stored, it can enter the next process. There are many dust spots in the process of crushing and storage. The filter dust collector is used to solve these dust problems. A lot of work is done on the selection, cleaning, unloading and filter selection to achieve the desired results.
1. Selection of filtration speed: Filtration speed is the key factor for the selection of pulse bag filter. It should be based on the nature of dust or dust, application, dust particle size, viscosity, gas temperature, moisture content, dust concentration and different filter materials. Factors to determine. When the dust particle size is fine, the temperature and humidity are high, the concentration is large, and the viscosity is relatively high. Such as ≤ 1m / min; otherwise, the optional high value, generally should not exceed 1.5m / min. For dust particle size, normal temperature, dry, non-sticky, and very low concentration, you can choose 1.5 ~ 2m / min. When the filtration speed is selected, the DMC single-stage dust collector should calculate the net filtration wind speed when reducing the filtration area of ​​one chamber (when cleaning) should not exceed the above values.
2. Filtration material [3]: It should be considered according to the temperature, water content, acidity, alkalinity, dust viscosity, concentration and sharpness of dust-containing gas. Generally, when the water content is small and there is no acidity, it is selected according to the temperature of the dust-containing gas. When the temperature is normal or ≤130 °C, the polyester needle felt of 500-550 g/m2 is commonly used. <250°C, use aramid Nomex needle felt or 800g/m2 glass fiber needle felt or 800g/m2 weft double fiberglass fabric or flumes [FMS] high temperature filter material (fluorine gas can not be used) Glass fiber material). When the water content is large and the dust concentration is large, it is recommended to use waterproof or oil-proof filter material (or anti-condensation filter material) or film filter material (the base cloth should be waterproof felt needle felt). When the dust-containing gas contains acid and alkali and the gas temperature is ≤190 °C, Ryton (polyphenylene sulfide) needle felt is often used. Gas temperature ≤ 240 ° C, filter cartridge pulse dust collector acid and alkali requirements are not too high, choose P84 (polyimide) needle felt. When the dust-containing gas is flammable and explosive gas, anti-static rayon needle felt is used. When the dust-containing gas has certain moisture and is flammable and explosive gas, it is waterproof, oil-proof and anti-static (three-proof). Polyamide needle felt.