Explosion-proof dust collector

Release time:11-24-2018

Explosion-proof dust collector Because aluminum powder […]

Explosion-proof dust collector
Because aluminum powder explosive dust is likely to explode or burn in the presence of sparks or static electricity at a certain concentration.
Because the aluminum powder explosion, the most critical factor is the aluminum powder concentration. The most effective way to control the aluminum powder explosion is to control the concentration of aluminum powder. The tool for controlling the concentration of aluminum powder is the dust collector. As long as the working mode of the shot blasting machine is good, the dust removal effect is good, and the aluminum powder concentration of the entire shot blasting machine equipment will not rise. Therefore, ensuring the good dust removal effect of the dust removal device is the key to whether the device can operate normally. The effectiveness of the dust removal effect depends mainly on the filter material, and the dust removal effect is greatly reduced when the filter material is clogged. When the ventilation and filtration of the filter material is good, the pressure difference between the static pressure chamber and the dynamic pressure chamber of the dust collector will be stabilized within a fixed range, so controlling the pressure difference of the dust collector is the most effective way to control the working state of the dust collector. Method. Based on this point, Disha Company invented the explosion-proof dust collector. The main method is to install the differential pressure control instrument in the place where there is no vibration near the dust collector of the shot blasting machine. When the shot blasting machine is working for a period of time, the The pressure difference detected by the instrument will change. When the detected value exceeds the set upper and lower limits, the differential pressure controller will control the cleaning mechanism of the filter bag of the dust collector, such as the shock or back blow mechanism to filter the filter. The dust on the surface is removed to ensure that the dust collector has a good working condition. When automatic cleaning still does not meet the requirements, the differential pressure controller will control the alarm and control the device to automatically shut down to prevent accidents.
In order to ensure safe operation, we also installed a gravity-type automatic squib door in the key part of the shot blasting machine. The device is generally designed on the top of the blasting chamber and the dust-removing pipe, and the dust-intensive part is accurately The calculation can automatically open the door when the explosion just occurs, and the explosion pressure is released to avoid damage to equipment and personnel. The door is automatically closed by gravity after pressure relief.
The shot blasting machine adopts the bag type dust collector of FEF210 sub-chamber backflushing. The dust removal efficiency is above 99%? The exhaust gas emission is ≤90mg/m3, which conforms to the GBJ4-73 industrial “three wastes” emission standard. The main fan power is 30kw, and the dust removal bag is used. The anti-static function of the needle felt industrial filter cloth is precision-sewn, and the cloth bag can be easily removed for cleaning and reuse. Moreover, the filter bag is reliably grounded during the installation process, which can effectively avoid the possibility of aluminum powder explosion caused by static electricity.