Factors affecting the material selection of crusher components

Release time:01-05-2019

The Jaw crusher is subjected to large torque or vibrati […]

The Jaw crusher is subjected to large torque or vibration during operation, which often causes serious wear and tear on parts. Therefore, the materials used for the parts require higher hardness and higher toughness. When selecting the material of the jaw crusher parts, three factors must be fully considered:

Impact load

Impact load is one of the important factors that should be considered in the rational selection of materials. First, the larger the specification, the heavier the wearable parts, the larger the blockiness of the broken material, and the greater the impact load. Therefore, under such working conditions, the selection of high manganese steel is not suitable, and the selection of medium carbon low alloy steel or high chromium cast iron / low alloy steel composite material can achieve good technical and economic benefits.

Material characteristics

The characteristics of the material, such as the composition and hardness of the material, are factors that cannot be ignored. Therefore, in the selection of the easy-wear parts of the jaw crusher, the higher the material hardness, the higher the hardness of the material. Therefore, taking into account the characteristics of the material, under the conditions of meeting the toughness requirements, high hardness materials should be used as much as possible.

Wear mechanism of wear parts

Reasonable material selection should also consider the wear mechanism of wear parts. For example, in the case of cutting wear, the hardness should be considered first when selecting materials; if it is mainly plastic deformation wear or fatigue wear, plasticity and toughness should be considered first when selecting materials.