How do we choose a dust collector device in the face of pollution?

Release time:08-10-2019

In the early industrial process, the route of pollution […]

In the early industrial process, the route of pollution control was taken first. Now it is necessary to control the spread of pollutants from the source and protect the ecological environment has become the key to sustainable development of green. How to choose a dust collector device?
To a certain extent, we are facing the path of pollution control in the early industrial process. Now we must control the spread of pollutants from the source and protect the ecological environment has become the key to sustainable development. How to choose a dust collector device? To a certain extent, how serious the environmental problems we face. Dust particles such as particulate dust suspended in the air will cause certain harm to the human body. Without filtering, the number of people suffering from respiratory diseases will increase in the future. Therefore, at this stage, we must strengthen our confidence, carry out in-depth dust collector equipment into all walks of life, implement the task of dust removal, and choose our own reasonable dust collector equipment.
Of course, in addition to dust particles, air pollutants have other pollutants, such as flue gas desulfurization devices, in order to remove sulfur oxides from industrial waste gas. With the introduction of advanced dust removal technology from abroad, the dust removal and desulfurization integrated dust collector equipment is also applied to some power plants, which can separate silica dust, asbestos dust, cement dust, coal dust, lead dust and alumina in soot and exhaust gas. Dust and other kinds of dust can protect our atmosphere.
How to choose a dust collector equipment in the face of pollution? This should be considered from the characteristics of dust dispersion, dust gravity, dust concentration, dust adhesion, dust temperature and specific resistance. It is also necessary to understand whether dry dust or wet dust is used to prevent dust. Secondary pollution.
1 In the process of dust collection, the dust removal mechanism of the dust collector equipment used is different, which is related to the dispersion of dust. If the degree of dispersion is higher, it is necessary to select a bag filter or an electrostatic precipitator to collect dust of these small particle sizes. Then there are some particles with larger particle size. It is quite good to choose the gravity dust collector. However, with the changes in the production process over the past few years, the industrial soot particles emitted mainly are mainly small particle size, so the degree of dispersion. High, we must pay more attention to the selection of dust collector equipment products.
2 The inlet concentration of dust also has a great influence on the determination of the type of dust collector. At present, dust removal in dusty airflow is collected as much as possible in some enterprises' dust removal projects, and a primary pre-duster and a secondary dust removal system are installed. This takes into account some of the precautions that the equipment uses in the dust concentration range of the inlet, and also measures to reduce the wear and tear of the equipment to achieve the standard discharge.
3 For some toxic and fine soot particles, it is often possible to filter by means of wet dust removal, which is suitable for dust particles in the particle size range of 0.05 to 100 μm. By letting the smoke dust exhaust gas come into contact with the liquid to purify the gas, the airflow can be cooled, but the dust removal device of the dust collector device constructed in this way is not conducive to recovering valuable dust. When the dust is dissolved in water and becomes sewage, it is necessary to treat such sewage to prevent water pollution.
How to choose a good dust collector equipment? Acer's environmental protection tips: As we design the dust collector equipment, we are based on the customer's working conditions, combined with the successful dust removal case in the past. As for the actual operation, we also need to go through the test run to see the initial operation of the equipment. The cooperative enterprise should arrange personnel in this area to carry out routine maintenance on the dust collector equipment. If you choose a bag type dust collector, you should check whether the bag is damaged. If you use the electric precipitator equipment, you should check whether the plate and the pole line are deformed. If you choose a wet dust collector, you should check whether the internal dewatering device has accumulated dust. For many years, Huakang Environmental Protection has been painstakingly researching in the field of dust removal and environmental protection, providing pulse bag type dust collectors, anti-blowing bag filter, vibrating bag filter, electrostatic precipitator, wet dust collector and cyclone dust collector for all walks of life. And dust removal accessories such as dust bag, dust skeleton, pulse valve and control instrument.