How many dust collectors work

Release time:05-17-2019

Bag filter The working principle of the dust collector […]

Bag filter
The working principle of the dust collector is as follows: the dust-containing gas enters the filter chamber from the lower open flange, and the coarser particles directly fall into the ash bin. The dust-containing gas is filtered through the filter bag, and the dust is retained on the bag table, and the net gas passes through the bag mouth. The clean air chamber is discharged into the atmosphere by a fan. When the dust on the surface of the filter bag increases continuously, the program controller starts to work, and the pulse valve is opened one by one, so that the compressed air is sprayed and cleaned through the nozzle, so that the filter bag suddenly expands, and under the action of the reverse air flow, the bag table is given. The dust quickly leaves the filter bag and falls into the ash bin, and the dust is discharged by the ash discharge valve.
The dust collector is mainly composed of an upper box body, a middle box body, a ash bucket, an air inlet flow tube, a bracket filter bag, a blowing device, and an ash discharging device. The dust-containing gas enters each compartment ash hopper from the inlet air flow pipe of the dust collector, and under the diversion of the ash bucket flow guiding device, the dust of the large particles is separated and falls directly into the ash hopper, and the fine dust uniformly enters. The middle case is adsorbed on the outer surface of the filter bag, and the clean gas passes through the filter bag into the upper case, and is discharged into the atmosphere through the offline valve and the exhaust pipe. As the filtration condition progresses, the dust on the filter bag accumulates more. When the resistance of the device reaches a limited resistance value (generally set to 1500 Pa), the differential pressure setting device or the cleaning time is set by the cleaning control device. After the set value automatically closes the one-line offline valve, the electronically controlled pulse valve is opened according to the setting procedure, and the air is blown, and the pressure inside the filter bag is increased by the instantaneous injection of compressed air, and the dust on the filter bag is shaken off. (Even if the fine dust can be thoroughly cleaned) to the hopper, it is discharged by the ash discharge mechanism.
After the cyclone dust collector is added with a bypass, the working principle is that the dust-containing gas enters tangentially from the inlet. When the airflow obtains the rotary motion, the airflow moves up and down to form a double-coil movement, and the dust is strongly generated at the boundary of the double-coiled worm. The separation effect, the coarser dust particles are separated from the lower vortex flow to the outer wall, and part of the dust is taken out from the middle opening of the bypass separation chamber, and the remaining dust is brought to the ash by the downward flow. The upper vortex flow has agglomerating effect on the fine particle dust, thereby improving the dust removal efficiency. This part of the finer dust particles, from the upper vortex flow belt to the upper part, forms a strongly rotating upper dust ring under the top cover, and enters the upper opening of the bypass separation chamber together with the upper vortex flow, and is introduced into the cone through the return air inlet. Converging with the internal airflow, the purified gas is discharged by the exhaust pipe, and the separated dust enters the hopper.
After the dust-containing gas enters the equipment from the air inlet at the top of the equipment, it passes through the cyclone at high speed to rotate the dust-containing gas downward along the axis. The centrifugal force is used to remove the dust of the coarse particles, effectively controlling the initial entry of the electric field. Dust concentration. Then, the gas enters the electric field through the lower hopper. Since the cross-sectional area of ​​the lower ash is larger than the inner tube cut-off, according to the principle of the constant rotation moment, the radial wind speed and the axial wind speed are sharply reduced to produce a zero-speed interface and the inner tube is The heavy particle dust settles in the lower ash hopper, which reduces the concentration of dust entering the electric field. The low concentration dust-containing gas is condensed on the anode and cathode plates by electric dust collection, and the collected dust is sealed by the air lock by the ashing The ash device is transported away. In order to prevent the secondary dust generated in the lower ash after the inner tube cyclone and the electric field plate is vibrated, an isolation cone is provided in the lower ash hopper.
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Filter cartridge dust collector
Under the action of the main fan of the system, the dust-containing gas enters the air box at the bottom of the dust collector from the air inlet of the lower part of the dust collector to pre-treat the dust-containing gas, and then enters into the dust-removing chamber of the upper tank from the bottom; dust adsorption On the outer surface of the filter cartridge, the filtered clean gas permeates through the filter cartridge into the clean air chamber of the upper tank and is collected and discharged to the air outlet.
As the filtration conditions continue, the dust accumulated on the outer surface of the filter cartridge will accumulate more and more, which will increase the running resistance of the equipment. In order to ensure the normal operation of the system, the upper limit of the dust collector resistance should be maintained in the range of 1400-1600Pa. Within this limit, the three-state cleaning should be performed by the PLC pulse automatic controller through a fixed resistance or a timing command.
The cleaning process of the filter cartridge type dust remover is to cut off the clean air outlet passage of a certain chamber, so that the chamber is in a state of airflow still state, and then the compressed air pulse is backflushed and cleaned, and after a few seconds of cleaning. After the natural settlement, the clean air outlet passage of the chamber is opened, not only the ash is completely cleaned, but also the secondary adsorption of the dust generated by the spray cleaning is avoided, so that the chamber is circulated and cleaned.