Introduction and application of chain conveyor

Release time:08-16-2019

Chain plate conveyor is used for the transportation of […]

Chain plate conveyor is used for the transportation of heavy parts. It is commonly used in all kinds of motorcycles, automobile assembly lines and welding conveyors, all kinds of brakes, engine chain conveyors, starter chain machines, magnetic door chain conveyors. , generator chain plate conveyor, welding machine chain plate conveyor and other assembly. The conveyor is an indispensable equipment for the motorcycle chain conveyor. It is an indispensable equipment for the assembly and manufacture of the motorcycle. Through the assembly line operation, the assembly process of the factory is effectively adjusted, and each process is allocated reasonably; and the online inspection can be added freely on the conveyor. Automatically assemble special planes, implement effective product quality control and equipment operation status monitoring, and provide necessary protection for modern large-scale production. The conveyor adopts a large pitch needle roller bending chain as the conveying medium, and drags the metal panel for cyclic reciprocating operation, and the speed of the chain plate conveying line is adjustable. There are standard configurations such as lighting, fans, and tooling boards. The length of the line body is selected based on the yield. The chain plate conveying line is a kind of conveying assembly equipment which uses a large pitch special curved plate chain as a transmission medium to drive the metal/plastic panel to reciprocate. Because the wire structure and the conveying medium are relatively strong, it is generally used in the transportation and assembly work of heavier articles, and the maximum load per meter can reach 500Kg. The conveying speed of the line body is adjustable, and there are various speed control modes such as electromagnetic speed regulation, frequency conversion speed regulation, mechanical speed regulation, etc. Generally, the fastest speed is within 15M/min. Due to the working environment and the needs of the production process, the wire body can also be made into a 90-degree or 180-degree turn type, which is used for vacuuming of air-conditioning chain conveyors, refrigerator chain plate chain machines, power tool chain conveyors, etc. And testing. Various fixtures can be set on the panel to meet the clamping, rotation, assembly and inspection of the workpiece. In the case of the need to protect the surface of the workpiece, the panel can be made of plastic or glued on the surface of the metal panel. The main structure of the wire body mainly has two kinds of steel frame structure and aluminum profile structure. The pitch of the conveyor chain is available from 38.1mm to 200mm. It is the most ideal equipment for heavy goods conveying assembly work.
Application introduction
A chain conveyor, which uses a series of chain plates fixed on a traction chain to convey material in a horizontal or oblique direction, and a single piece of steel plate is hinged into an endless belt as a traction and load bearing member of the transporter. Drive the belt with the spacer in the tank to transport the coal scrape out. It consists of a drive mechanism, a tensioning device, a traction chain, a slat, a drive and a redirection sprocket, a frame, and the like. It has been widely used in metallurgy, coal, chemical, electric power, machinery manufacturing and other industrial sectors of the national economy.