Introduction of bio-nano film dust removal products

Release time:07-05-2019

The bio-nano-film dedusting equipment is a dedusting eq […]

The bio-nano-film dedusting equipment is a dedusting equipment that has begun to rise in foreign countries. It uses the most advanced bio-nano-film technology to spray the BME nano-film on the surface of the material to minimize the generation of dust during the production process. This type of dust removal technology belongs to dust removal before dust emission. Compared with other dust removal after production, it has great advantages, which can effectively control the dust emission during the whole process of material production. The dust generated during the crushing process is aggregated into fine materials, which eventually becomes a finished material, which can increase the output by 0.5%-3%. In addition, it can effectively prevent PM2.5 and PM10 pollution, which is in line with national environmental protection and energy saving. Discharge technical policy. Compared with wet dust removal and bag dust removal, bio-nanofilm dust suppression has no water pollution. The preparation will not cause side effects to the environment, does not affect the quality of finished materials, and has low input cost. It is suitable for mining, construction, quarry, and heap. Dust pollution control in fields, ports, thermal power plants, steel plants, garbage collection and other places. Nanomembrane dedusting has been applied overseas in different applications, and has gradually begun to be applied in many provinces and cities in China.
Low pressure pulse long bag
Dust collector, bag filter, bag filter
Product introduction:
The low-pressure pulse jet long bag dust collector is a new type of high-efficiency bag type dust collector developed on the basis of summarizing various bag filters. It adopts off-line low-pressure pulse spray cleaning technology to prevent dust reattachment and runaway problems, enhance the cleaning effect of the filter bag, improve the filtration speed, save the dust consumption and extend the life of the filter bag. The dust collector adopts PLC programmable controller to automatically control the whole process of cleaning and conveying. Therefore, the dust remover is a large-scale dust removal device that has large air volume, good dust removal effect, high dust removal efficiency, reliable operation, convenient maintenance and small floor space.
Second, electrostatic precipitator, electric precipitator, electric dust removal; alkali recovery furnace electric precipitator
working principle:
The dust collector is mainly composed of a ash bucket, a filter chamber, a clean air chamber, a bracket, a poppet valve, a spray cleaning device and the like. During work, dusty gas enters the ash hopper from the air duct. The large particles of dust fall directly into the bottom of the ash bucket. The smaller dust enters the filter chamber with the airflow turning upwards and is retained on the outer surface of the filter bag. The purified flue gas enters the bag and passes through the bag mouth and the clean room. Entering the wind, it is discharged by the exhaust vent.
As the filtration continues, the dust on the outer surface of the filter bag increases and the resistance of the device increases. When the resistance of the equipment rises to a certain value, the cleaning operation should be carried out to remove the dust on the surface of the filter bag.