Most parts manufacturing involve CNC machine tools

Release time:02-25-2019

In recent years, a new type of equipment purchase metho […]

In recent years, a new type of equipment purchase method, machine tool financing lease, is quietly emerging in China. This method can effectively solve the problems of financing difficulties for auto parts enterprises and bottlenecks in equipment upgrades, and is welcomed by more and more enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises.
Insufficient funds restrict equipment upgrade
At present, CNC machine tools are widely used in the field of automobile manufacturing. Most parts manufacturing and mold manufacturing on automobiles involve CNC machine tools.
To realize the upgrading of equipment, enterprises must first solve the financial problems. A CEO of a component company in Chongqing told reporters that key components with high processing precision or larger components often need to purchase medium and high-end CNC machining equipment manufactured or imported by domestic large manufacturers. "This type of equipment costs millions of dollars, and more than tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of yuan. Many large enterprises have to go to the bank to apply for loans to solve, and we are even harder," he said.
"In the case that China's credit market is still immature, SMEs have a relatively large amount of loans in addition to real estate and land as collateral. Other financing channels are limited, and private financing is mainly based on short-term liquidity financing, and equipment. The characteristics of one-time large-scale investment in long-term recovery are not matched, and the short-term loan must be repaid before it can be renewed, which is easy to bring liquidity risk to the enterprise.” Luo Yufang of Far East International Leasing Co., Ltd. said.
How to solve the problem of equipment purchase funds has become a problem that plagues small and medium-sized parts and components enterprises. At this time, machine tool financing leasing has become a good choice and is increasingly accepted by enterprises.
Financing leases are popular
“Finance lease is that the lessor purchases the designated equipment from the supplier designated by the customer according to the customer's request, rents it to the customer, and the customer pays the rent in installments and obtains the ownership of the equipment after the lease period. This way can help the shortage of funds. Enterprises use a small amount of initial investment to achieve early purchase and use of equipment. In the two- to three-year lease period, the return on orders brought by equipment investment is often enough to cover the rent of each period." Luo Yufang said.
According to reports, financial leasing appeared in the United States in the early 1950s. As an important supplement to bank liquidity loans, the financial leasing method not only occupies the credit line of the leased enterprise in the bank, but also provides stable medium and long-term funds for the tenant. The repayment method of amortization also helps the lessee to avoid the risk of fluctuations in funds.
A private enterprise operating a car interior panel mold manufacturing in Zhejiang started in 2002. In 2005, its output value was 9.7 million yuan, which was developing rapidly. However, due to the lack of precision in processing equipment and limited travel, it is difficult to enter the first and second matching rings of automobile molds, and the profit of the products is low.
Last year, after obtaining a large order, the company decided to purchase one imported gantry machining center, but the funds were insufficient. The person in charge of the company learned that Far East International Leasing Co., Ltd. has started the machine tool financing leasing business and decided to give it a try. After the company paid the first payment of about 30%, the equipment with a total amount of 2 million yuan soon arrived at the factory, completed the commissioning and official operation, and the first batch of new customers' molds were successfully completed. According to the three-year financial lease contract, the monthly rent payment is only over RMB 40,000.
"In the case of the country's tightening of monetary policy, machine tool financing leases have solved the problem that the financing channels of enterprises are not smooth, resulting in shortage of funds and equipment upgrades, which have helped us a lot." General Manager Li of Shandong Automobile Chassis Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Say. The company leased 38 CNC machine tools and other equipment to Far East International Leasing Co., Ltd. through financial leasing. The company's sales last year was 350 million yuan. After breaking through the equipment bottleneck, it is expected to reach more than 500 million yuan this year.