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Release time:09-21-2018

New equipment Negative pressure backflush filter bag du […]

New equipment
Negative pressure backflush filter bag dust collector
Negative pressure back-blowing filter bag dust collector to control industrial boiler exhaust gas pollution. Practice shows that the filter bag filter has the advantages of low investment, small floor space, large filtration area, stable working performance, high purification efficiency, reliable use, and easy to use dry waste dust for comprehensive utilization, which effectively protects the environment and is a good performance. A reliable and efficient dust removal device that meets the requirements of current environmental protection laws.
In order to effectively control the boiler exhaust gas pollution, the plant comprehensively studies the filter bag dust removal technology, combined with the horizontal quick-loading chain grate boiler, the operation characteristics, and according to the production requirements and site conditions, the furnace design should be designed by itself. The pressure backflush filter bag dust collector is installed in the negative pressure zone of the boiler induced draft fan, and the induced draft fan is used to form the negative pressure of the dust collector system, and the medium alkaline glass fiber filter material is used to resist the corrosion of SO2 in the flue gas.
The negative pressure back-flush bag filter controls the pollution fundamentally, and the concentration of soot after purification is significantly lower than the national standard.
Schematic diagram of the vacuum backflush filter bag.
1—air inlet; 2—motor; 3—screw conveyor; 4—pool dust port; 5—airflow manifold; 6——dust bucket; 7—filter chamber; 8—dust filter bag; - Flower board; 10 - air outlet.
The boiler adopts Y5-48-6.37 centrifugal induced draft fan, the flow rate is 12350m3/h, the pressure is 3942Pa, the rotational speed is 2900r/min, and the power is 22kW. It is used as the air-inducing device of the negative pressure blowback filter bag filter of the boiler. In order to ensure that the filter bag dust collector works normally under the condition that the boiler is not stopped, or the filter bag cleaning operation is performed, the dust collectors are grouped into three independent dust filter rooms. 22 filter bags are installed in each room. The filter bags can be grouped or operated in parallel. When one of the filter bags is cleaned, other group filter bags will keep working normally. The flue gas enters from the lower inlet of the dust collector, the flue gas moves forward along the negative pressure air passage in the dust collector, and some dust particles settle in the dust collecting bucket due to gravity; when another part of the flue gas passes through the filter bag, the smoke is It is retained in the filter bag, and the purified gas is discharged to the outside through the induced draft fan, thereby achieving the purpose of collecting dust, purifying gas and protecting the atmosphere.