Problems and measures

Release time:12-29-2018

Problems and measures The application of bag filter has […]

Problems and measures
The application of bag filter has been more than 100 years old. Its biggest advantage is high dust removal efficiency (up to 99.99%), discharge concentration can reach below 10mg/m3, and the classification efficiency is also very high, below 2.5μm. Fine particulate matter also has good capture efficiency and is therefore widely used. However, after years of operation, the bag filter has also exposed some problems, such as easy damage to the filter bag, condensation, high running resistance, failure of cleaning, and poor ash discharge. There are many factors that cause problems in the operation of the bag filter. In addition to the factors of the dust collector itself, improper operation and management are also important reasons for problems in operation. This paper analyzes and discusses the problems that often occur in the current bag filter during operation.
1 filter bag problem
The advancement of the bag filter is mainly reflected in the innovation of the filter material and the change of the cleaning method. The filter bag is the heart of the bag filter. The maintenance cost of the filter bag is the largest in the maintenance cost of the dust collector. Up to 70% of the maintenance cost. The filter bag is the most critical factor in determining the performance of the precipitator. The main factors causing damage to the filter bag are: high temperature burnout, corrosion, mechanical damage, installation quality, product quality, operation, management and many other reasons.