Purification mechanism

Release time:09-30-2018

Purification mechanism of negative pressure back-blowin […]

Purification mechanism of negative pressure back-blowing filter bag dust collector: It uses the boiler induced draft fan to form the negative pressure of the dust collector system, and the flue gas flows negatively. The filter bag filter has the functions of inertial collision, sieve filtration (contact retention), interception, aggregation and static electricity, and can be used for coarse (≥10μm particle size), fine (<5μm particle size is the most harmful to human body) particles. The dust and suspended dust can be effectively captured, which is its outstanding advantage.
The filter bag is cleaned, and after the dust collector is operated for a period of time, the surface of the filter bag adheres and gathers a certain thickness of smoke, and the surface of the bag is removed by controlling the backflushing valve.
The filter bag dust collector is located in the negative pressure zone of the induced draft fan, so that the dust removal system works under negative pressure condition, which is beneficial to prolong the service life of the induced draft fan and avoid being worn by the dust. In order to ensure the normal operation of the filter bag, the bypass flue and the valve are also provided for the boiler to be repaired and the furnace is used for ignition and the use of fuel containing more soot to the filter bag is temporarily opened.
The negative pressure back-blowing filter bag dust collector has a simple structure and a small footprint (within 30m2), and can be flexibly designed on site according to production needs.
The negative pressure back-blowing filter bag dust collector has strong ability to purify dusty gas and can effectively control pollution. Especially after purification, the smoke dust emission concentration is significantly lower than the national emission standard. It can be applied to small and medium-sized industrial boilers, and the dust removal efficiency can reach 98%. the above.
Negative pressure backflush filter bag dust collectors have lower operating costs and lower energy consumption than similar technologies.
The negative pressure back-blowing filter bag dust collector can effectively capture the dust and suspended dust that is harmful to the human body with ≥10μm particle size and <5μm particle size, which plays a special role in purifying the atmospheric environment and protecting human health.

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