Release time:10-13-2018

Second, electrostatic precipitator, electric precipitat […]

Second, electrostatic precipitator, electric precipitator, electric dust removal; alkali recovery furnace electric precipitator
working principle:
The dust collector is mainly composed of a ash bucket, a filter chamber, a clean air chamber, a bracket, a poppet valve, a spray cleaning device and the like. When working, dusty gas enters the ash hopper from the air duct. The large particles of dust fall directly into the bottom of the ash bucket. The smaller dust enters the filter chamber with the airflow turning upwards and is retained on the outer surface of the filter bag. The purified flue gas enters the bag and passes through the bag mouth and the clean room. Entering the wind, it is discharged by the exhaust vent.
As the filtration continues, the dust on the outer surface of the filter bag increases and the resistance of the device increases. When the resistance of the equipment rises to a certain value, the cleaning operation should be carried out to remove the dust on the surface of the filter bag.
Electric bag composite dust collector, electric bag dust collector, electric bag combined dust collector;
Performance characteristics:
The low-pressure pulse injection technology has high cleaning efficiency and low energy consumption.
Use a straight-through low pressure pulse valve. The injection pressure is only 0.2 to 0.4 MPa, the resistance is low, the opening and closing is fast, and the cleaning ability is strong. Due to the good cleaning effect and long cleaning cycle, the energy consumption of the backflush gas is reduced.