Selection basis

Release time:08-27-2018

Selection basis The working of the dust collector not o […]

Selection basis
The working of the dust collector not only directly affects the reliable operation of the dust removal system, but also relates to the normal operation of the production system, the environmental sanitation of the workshop area and surrounding residents, the wear and life of the fan blades, and the economic value materials.

Recycling issues. Therefore, the dust collector must be properly designed, selected, and used. When selecting a dust collector, it is necessary to fully consider the investment and operation costs, such as dust removal efficiency, pressure loss, reliability, investment, floor space, maintenance management, etc., according to the physical and chemical properties, characteristics and production process requirements of the smoke, targeted Select the dust collector.
1. According to the requirements of dust removal efficiency
The selected dust collector must meet the emission standards.
Different dust collectors have different dust removal efficiencies. For dedusting systems with unstable or fluctuating operating conditions, attention should be paid to the effect of changes in flue gas treatment on dust removal efficiency.

In normal operation, the efficiency of the precipitator is: bag filter, electrostatic precipitator and venturi dust collector, water film cyclone dust collector, cyclone dust collector, inertial dust collector, gravity dust collector