Solution to the problem of bag filter bag

Release time:11-22-2019

[Off-line pulse bag type dust collector] During the use […]

[Off-line pulse bag type dust collector] During the use of the bag filter, the flue gas contains a certain amount of moisture. When the operating temperature fluctuates or the temperature rises through the acid dew point during the process of starting and stopping the furnace, the surface of the filter bag will be dew condensation. It is also an important reason for the dust collector to be ignited when it is ignited. The measures to solve the problem of the dust collector paste bag are as follows:
(1) The first step is to increase the operating temperature and strengthen the drying strength of the bag filter bag (note to prevent over-temperature);
(2) Increasing the pressure of the compressed air, and adjusting the time interval between the short pulse valves, the inter-chamber and the cycle period on the PLC, and improving the intensity and frequency of the spray cleaning by double-twisting, and thus for 5 to 7 consecutive days, The ash accumulated on the filter bag is gradually cleaned up to restore the resistance to a normal state. When conditions permit, it is best to perform this high-intensity cleaning in the state of stopping the discharge. This method is effective for medium and light paste bag processing.
(3) For the extremely serious paste bag, if the above two measures are still invalid, it can only be solved by replacing the filter bag.