The difference in gas humidity and other factors has a great influence on the running resistance of the bag filter. 2

Release time:11-10-2019

3, dust particle size   The main effect of bag filter d […]

3, dust particle size
  The main effect of bag filter dust particles on bag filters is pressure loss and equipment wear. The pressure loss is fine dust that blocks the filter gap, reduces the permeability of the filter material, and increases drag. It is generally considered that the needle-like crystal particles and the flaky particles tend to block the filter bag, reduce the dust removal efficiency, and increase the running resistance. For dust-containing gases containing finer particles, membrane filter bags such as cement kiln tails, slag grinding systems, etc. should be used.
  4, humidity
  The gas usually contains a small amount of water vapor, which is a general state when the relative humidity is between 30% and 80%, and when it exceeds the range, it is in a high humidity state. When the gas in the bag filter is in a high humidity state, condensation occurs under the action of external cold air, causing dust to adhere and block the filter bag, thereby reducing the dust collecting function of the filter material, dust cleaning is difficult, and the equipment pressure is Increase accordingly. For condensation, it is generally preferred to select a filter material having a smooth surface, such as a membrane filter. In addition, good equipment insulation, increased inlet temperature of dusty gas, can reduce the negative impact of cold air and prevent condensation.
  5, the permeability of the filter material
  Under normal conditions, the pressure loss of the cleaning filter cloth is relatively small and the gas permeability is high. At work, a small pressure loss means that his pores are relatively large and dust is easily penetrated. Under normal conditions, dust will not be trapped. It is relatively low. In addition, the pressure loss of the dust layer on the surface of the bag filter bag is one of the factors that affect the pressure loss of the filter bag. This is related to whether the filter cloth hole is clogged. Therefore, it is required that the filter cloth hole is not easily clogged and the dust collection rate is high. Low pressure loss, good cleaning performance and long service life.