The effect of the dust collector on the effect

Release time:05-31-2019

The dust removal effect of the bag filter depends on th […]

The dust removal effect of the bag filter depends on the top ten factors. They directly affect the purification effect and life of the bag filter. So what is the ten point? Ten factors affected
(1) Selection of filter bag: The filter bag should be made of wear-resistant and high-temperature resistant materials, including fiberglass cloth/felt, NOMEX, needle felt, P84 needle felt, etc., taking into account the wear resistance of the filter bag, durability and high temperature. For factors such as cost, the copper industry generally uses NOMEX needle felt.
(2) Temperature control: Generally, the temperature of the filter bag is 200 °C, so the inlet temperature of the treatment facility should be controlled below 200 °C. When the flue gas after the long pipe reaches the dust collector box, the temperature can be reduced to 200. Below °C, in special cases, water cooling can be performed, and a cooler is installed at the main pipe.
(3) Fan selection: The induced draft fan has better effect than the blower.
(4) Mechanical dust removal is more convenient and clean than manual dust removal, but the cost of mechanical dust removal is high. Most of them use pulse dust removal method.
(5) Air leakage and resistance: theoretically calculate the dust removal efficiency of the bag filter to 99%, but it can not be achieved in the actual measurement, mainly due to the influence of air leakage and resistance. The lower the air leakage rate, the better the dust removal effect; the resistance has certain effect on the dust removal effect. Influence, often empty the filter bag, reduce the resistance, can improve the dust removal effect.
(6) The dust collecting hood should be as close as possible to the burner head, so that the dust can enter the hood more easily, increase the dust collection and reduce the pollution caused by unorganized emissions.
(7) Equipment maintenance: equipment and cloth bags are easily damaged and should be repaired and replaced in time.
(8) Airflow speed: At the airflow speed of 1~3 m/s, the dust removal effect is the best, and the general wind speed is controlled at 2~4 m/s.
(9) Filtration area: The larger the filtration area, the higher the dust removal efficiency, but the cost will increase accordingly. Therefore, the air volume should be calculated in advance, and then the corresponding dust collector model should be selected.
(10) Secondary dust removal: A settling chamber is installed in front of the dust collector box to form secondary dust removal. The settling chamber removes a portion of the large particulate dust, reduces the temperature, and reduces the precipitator pressure.