What should I pay attention to when buying a roof dust collector?

Release time:09-23-2019

1. Conduct on-the-spot inspection of the top dust colle […]

1. Conduct on-the-spot inspection of the top dust collector manufacturers, because many of the sales are not manufacturers, but some dealers on the market, they buy the warehouse dust collector from the factory, and then resell, buy through them The equipment that comes, not only the quality of the use is not guaranteed, there is no way to guarantee the follow-up after-sales service, so in order to avoid other problems in use, it is very necessary to check whether it is a real manufacturer.
2. Pay attention to the model of the top dust collector that needs to be purchased. When the manufacturer is in production, in order to meet the needs of all users, there are many models of the top bag filter that are produced. Different use requirements and different fields should be purchased. The top of the warehouse dust collector, in this way will play the most effective effect, we can explain the use of the place with the manufacturer, the manufacturer will introduce us the appropriate size of the roof bag filter.
3. Check the quality and parameters of the top dust collector, check the various parts of the equipment, and test the machine if necessary. Through the operation of the roof dust collector, we can understand the efficiency of the product, so that It is very helpful to buy.