Combined Electric Changing Into Bag And Composite Integration Of Electricity And Bag Technology

Combined Electric Changing Into Bag And Composite Integration Of Electricity And Bag Technology

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The combined electric bag reforming and electric bag compounding (electric bag reforming with one or two electric fields) technology refers to the transformation of electrostatic precipitators into baghouses using the original electrostatic precipitator housings, foundations, and ash transport equipment. Device. The combined electric bag reforming technology is mainly used for the improvement of environmental protection requirements and occasions where the dust properties are not suitable for the use of electrostatic precipitators. Compared with the new bag filter, it has the advantages of investment, short construction period and convenient construction.

The remarkable features of modular electric bag-changing technology:

■ Short construction period. Make full use of the structure of the original electrostatic precipitator, and minimize the installation T-period of the equipment; due to the use of a modular box, reduce the amount of on-site workload and shorten the installation cycle;

■ High quality modular cabinet. For the key components of the bag filter, the flower plate, the injection pipe and the blowing elbow are assembled in the company to form an overall air tank and sent to the site. This can better ensure the matching of the board hole and the blow hole in the company. In order to ensure the overall quality of the transformation;

■ Unique air intake method. Using the side air intake method, after the gas enters the bag room through the air inlet, the bag room has a large space and the spacing between the bags is also large, so the gas flow is very slow, the resistance will be very small, and the air flow will be small. The cloth will be more uniform, which will help reduce the resistance of the dust collector;

■ Long filter bag. By making full use of the space of the original electrostatic precipitator and the unique air inlet method, the dust load on the filter bag can be made more uniform, which can make the filter bag longer (7-8 meters);

■ Low air leakage rate. The high-purification gas box structure of Caichuan is adopted. After the renovation, there is only one manhole door in the entire dust collector, which can well ensure the <2% air leakage rate.

■ Smart differential pressure ash. Differential pressure gauges are installed on both sides of the filter bag to monitor the running resistance in real time and control the dust removal device so that the dust filter maintains a stable pressure difference.

■Electric-bag combination can adapt to the flue gas conditions with different specific resistance. Because about 80% of the dust is collected in the dust area, the load on the bag area is greatly reduced, the ash cycle can be prolonged, and the service life of the filter bag can be improved. The reduction of operating costs is a new technology that is worthy of selection and promotion.