MDP Blowing Pulse Bag Filter

MDP Blowing Pulse Bag Filter

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product details

This product is a kind of low-pressure pulse cleaning, adopts line blowing, online and offline cleaning, without Venturi tube, and short box structure. Electrostatic fabric filter has good cleaning effect, simple structure and strong adaptability. It is widely used in cement kiln head, kiln tail, electric power, metallurgy, chemical industry and other industries. The company's bag dust removal products, which are mainly based on this series of Electrostatic fabric filter, have won the Liaoning famous brand.


The main technical parameters


Treatment of smoke volume

120000-1600000 m³/h

Flue gas temperature


Inlet concentration

< 1000 g/Nm³

Running resistance

<1400 Pa

Export emissions

≤30 mg/Nm³


The main structural parameters


Number of rooms


Pulse valve specifications


Number of filter bags per room


Filter bag specifications


Ash gas pressure

0.3-0.5 MPa